As a certified ADA contractor, TOHBALA LLC will ensure our clients meet ADA and other local, state and federal commercial construction standards.

Are you prepared for life’s unexpected challenges?

Is a parent at an age where moving in is the best solution?

Is a family member recovering from surgery?

Maybe you’re planning a remodel, and you’re thinking about what might make life easier as you get older or in need of it due to physical challenges and mobility. Like many baby boomers who remodel, we want an attractive house that doesn’t scream “old people live here” and we want it to be comfortable for someone who’s eight, like your grandchildren or 80, like your parents.

All while knowing that someday, you or your family may need to sell it and hopefully for a nice profit.

Are you prepared?

One of the primary concerns in these situations: Is your home prepared?

Luckily, TOHBALA LLC has the experience and knowledge in ADA remodeling and services that allow you to age in place or assist in making the home livable for a family member with a disability.

TOHBALA LLC will work with you to make your surroundings fit your needs. From barrier-free showers to custom ramps, we make your home more accessible for you or anyone else who is physically challenged.

Under the direction of our staff, construction and remodeling practices are formulated to meet and try to exceed the federal and state guidelines for those with special needs Aging in Place and ADA remodeling solutions to consider:

Enlarge doorways, walkways and thresholds to be easily accessible by wheelchairs, Modify floors so they are all on one level, Remove steps and replace them with ramps, Reinforce bathroom walls to accommodate handrails around toilet and shower, Raise toilets for easier transfers, Modify showers for easier access and add safe seating and non-slip floors, Make all living areas easily accessible, allowing safe wheelchair/walker access, including under sink/vanity areas.

Let TOHBALA LLC help to make your home a comfortable, accessible, and safe living environment so you can “age in place” during your retirement years. To learn more about TOHBALA LLC home aging in place and ADA services, contact us today!